Test assistance for T-PED tankers Palermo

Test assistance services and consultations for tankers

Test assistance services and consultations for tankers
If you want to receive consultations and test assistance for T-PED tankers in Palermo, you should contact IMIP S.r.l., specialized in testing and measuring the T-PED LPG tankers every three or six years.
IMIP S.r.l. has a suitable space in front of its headquarters to develop this activity, with the necessary instruments to check the tankers.
The staff specialized in these services has a certified sample tank, which is useful to help the labs measure and test the LPG tankers.

The tankers (ADR/TPED class 2) are vehicles that transport and supply LPG and they have a transfer system on the back or side. The tanker has a specific geometric capacity, which varies from 4000 to 26000 litres,a pump and a measuring system designed and fabricated in compliance with the current safety standards. They aim to use the LPG in a safe way. IMIP S.r.l. takes care f the necessary paperwork to test the industrial vehicles –T-PED LPG tankers, in compliance with the current laws, and is able to provide its clients with a complete service, which includes the periodic tests for all vehicles transporting hazardous substances.

The TPED directive

The TPED directive applies to the periodic tests for the transportable pressure equipment. The art. 6 of the Legislative decree 23/2002 states that all tanks (included the valves and the other transportation accessories) are subject periodic inspections, depending on the road transportation modalities, in compliance with the directives 94/55/CE.
The inspections are carried out by the certified and specialized technical staff, qualified for testing and inspecting the tanks.

For info about the test assistance for T-PED tankers Palermo, please contact IMIP S.r.l. by sending an email to ufficiotecnico@imipsrl.it or filling out the form in the contacts page.
If you wish to make a phone call: +39 0917722463/ mob. +39 3295610424.