Tank pressure tests and cleaning procedures Palermo

Avant-garde instruments for
pressure tests

Tank pressure tests and cleaning procedures in Palermo, where IMIP S.r.l. implements the necessary operations to clean the fuel tanks with specific machinery and instruments.
This type of test is necessary when the metal of the tank, after many years, tends to corrode and therefore to leak, with a hazardous impact on the environment, contaminating the soil.

The company in Palermo is specialized in cleaning the tanks, whether they are buried or above the ground. A specialized team and avant-garde instruments are dedicated to this procedure.
After the cleaning procedures, respecting the environment, all the suctioned material is brought tosome authorized areas.
In addition to cleaning the tanks, IMIP S.r.l. makes watertight tests with technologies which detect the smallest holes or other special conditions, which might be dangerous or result in leaks.

The company has some special equipment, which allows the staff to work in compliance with the law providing safe workplaces. The techniques used for the pressure tests, applied by the company’s team of expert technicians, detect every watertight problem in the tanks.
The pressure tests are among the necessary periodic tests to make sure the tanks are in good “health” conditions, especially when they have no gaps and systems to detect the possible leaks. The tests aim to prevent the small silent leaks, especially in the tanks that cannot be observed or inspected from outside.
The watertight tests are implemented for many types of tanks and other containers where there are many types of liquids, like diesel, gasoline and other chemical substances. The pressure-tested tanks might be also buried, partially buried or external (above the ground) and made with any material.

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