Skid LPG Construction Palermo

SKID LPG tank construction

IMIP, carefully analysing the development of the LPG market for vehicles and the machinery used in the stations, has started to produce its own SKID tanks, in compliance with the accredited authorities.
Such containers, since they have all the elements and instruments above the tank, occupy a small space and might be stored inside the tank, with many advantages: the explosion-risk area is smaller, the installation costs are lower.
The tank is directly buried in compliance with the D.P.R. 340/03. This decree states that the storage systemmay be built without the reinforced concrete formwork, but it must be buried withcathode protection systems against corrosion.

LPG components – skid tanks IMIP

The skid tanks are avant-garde and made in compliance with the current norms.

The elements of the LPG system are:

LPG tanks
• 1 30 mc LPG tank included the covering for the formwork

• 2 external LPG electro-pumps
• 2 iron support for the pumps
• 2 automatic supply valves
• 3 spherical valves DN32 PN40
• 4 pressure gauges with glycerine – 6 gauge-holder valves -2 check valves PN40 DN 32

Transfer hoses
• 1 complete and tested transfer hose 2”
• 1 complete and tested transfer hose 1”
• 1 excess flow valve PN40 DN50
• 1 excess flow valve PN40 DN25
• 1 visual flow detector PN40 DN50

Pipes and accessories
• DN 80-65-50-40-32-25-15 pipes with the necessary length to build the mechanical system on the tank –flange collar joints, which weld the heads of the pipe. A gasket is put between the flanges and they are locked with bolts –curves mod. LR 90 sch. 40, adapters, tee sch. 40.
• Safety and checking systems installed on the tank:
• 2 safety spring valves with automatic opening at 17.65 bar at entry M 1”1/2 NPT and exit M2”NPT
• 1 joint for safety valves DN65
• 1 exhaust pipe connected with the exit of the safety valves
• 1 buffer area for the safety valves
• 2 exit joints for safety valves 2” NPTxDN65
• 1 fixed level pick up detector, which shows the maximum filling to ignite the safety block of the external pumps
• 1 waterproof pressure gauge for LPG use, with glycerine
• 1 three-way pressure gauge-holder valve

Steel spherical valves
• 2 PN40 DN50 with S.E. pneumatic operator
• 2 PN40 DN40 with S.E. pneumatic operator
• 5 PN40 DN25 N°1 PN40 DN20 to drain the tank
• 5 three-way diverter valve
• 2 excess flow valves
• 1 non-return valve PN40 DN50

Emergency control unit
The control unit works with the emergency system of the station, with the emergency system of the tanker, with the emergency button and with a quick-release pneumatic plug.

• All the construction works
• Filling with sand
• Pumps and external hoses
• Electric system
• Test area
• Electric unit
• Fire system
• All that is not expressly listed above

Skid LPG construction Decanting hoses

The maintenance services include periodic testsfor the safety accessories and protection systems as provided by the technical norms.
If the tests are positive, after the inspection you will receive a certification about the conditions of the tank and its safety accessories. It isa form with the “Maintenance certification”. The company releases the certification, signed by the inspector who must have the technical qualification.

For info about the construction and maintenance services for LPG storage systems in Palermo, please contact IMIP S.r.l., by sending an email to or filling out the form in the contacts page.
If you wish to make a phone call: +39 0917722463/ mob. +39 3295610424.