LPG tank cleaning procedures and PED control assistance

Tank pressure tests and cleaning in Palermo are two of the areas where the company IMIP S.r.l. applies its cleaning procedures for LPG tanks.
This type of operation is very delicate and requires a lot of care and attention, in addition to specific training and instruments.
The cleaning procedures of LPG tanks are normed by the law providing a safe workplace and the environmental laws.
The company IMIP works in this field with a specialized team, who is trained and informed about the correct procedures and methods. The instruments are specifically certified for their function. Furthermore IMIP makes sure to assist the Certification Authority during the PED control of the storage systems.

 Cleaning services

The company implements cleaning procedures for buried or external tanks, which are above the ground. Cleaning the tanks means they have no more polluting residuals, which are suctioned by the specialized worker who washes the tank with high pressurized water jets. In addition to the cleaning procedure, the company implements also watertight tests.

Cleaning service steps

• Pit cleaning
• Opening of the inspection hole
• Detection of gas presence with the explosimeter
• Residual suction
• Cleaning with surfactant detergents (degreasers)
• Cleaning water suction
• Release of the cleaning and gas free certification

The residuals – hazardous substances – end up in specific disposal systems.
After the cleaning procedure, the owner receives a certification that acknowledges the procedure done.

Watertight tests

As far as the watertight tests are concerned, they aim to check the tank damages. Their objective is to certify the integrity of the tank. If there are any damages, the workers may fix the tank.

Watertight test steps

• Pit cleaning
• The pipes are disconnected and the tank is sealed
• Creation of a low pressure area inside the tank through a non explosive pump
• Check the risk of leaks with specific instruments
• Certification release.