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LPG hose test in Palermo is one of the services provided by IMIP S.r.l. Together with the certification authoritiesthe company staff tests these indispensable components to transfer LPG in its headquarters.

The company, which designs, builds and maintains fuel and methane filling stations for vehicles, in compliance with the PED directive, is equipped with certified machinery and instruments which allow the Certification Authorities to comply with the norms concerning the periodic test of the safety valves and transfer hoses and to test the tanks .
During the normal operations, the LPG is transferred from the vehicles to the tanks and vice versa through some specific hoses. The connection between the vehicle and the storage system is made through metallic or flexible arms, called “hoses”, located in specific transfer areas built for this purpose.

The tests on the LPG hoses are necessary to work safely, in compliance with the current laws.

What is the PED directive?

PED stands for Pressure Equipment Directive, a directive about products (97/23/CE) issued by the European Community and acknowledged by the Italian Legislative Decree no. 93/2000. The directive was issued to norm the design, fabrication, equipping and installation of pressure equipment. Just to mention some examples: in the specific case of LPG, there are some strict norms which rule its transportation and storage in pressurized tanks, which keep the gas in the liquid state.
Also the storage system must be supplied with specific equipment, as well as the gas pipe, tank or iron tank coming from the refineries, where the LPG is produced. The tanks themselves must be built in compliance with specific directives.

For info about the LPG hose test in Palermo, you may contact IMIP S.r.l., by sending an email to ufficiotecnico@imipsrl.it or filling out the form in the contacts page.
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