Fixing LPG tankers Palermo

Large spaces and a team specialized in fixing LPG tankers

For fixing LPG tankers in Palermo, you might rely on the skills and technical support of IMIP S.r.l.. Due to the large open-air spaces in its headquarters and a highly specialized technical staff, the company provides assistance and may fix all LPG tankers.
It is very important that the tankers of LPG, liquid propane gas, are compliant with the legal standards and are adequately ready to fulfil their tasks.
The LPG, we mention it again, is a mixture of propane and butane, a petroleum derivative, characterized by a high energy and heating performance. Due to its heating properties, LPG might be used in many situations and for many purposes: from domestic to industrial heating, to artisan and touristic use.

LPG is transported with tankers. This operation requires precise precautions and safety measures, which are respected by IMIP S.r.l.
The company in Palermo has always been very responsive to the market evolution and demand, and it constantly monitors them to give efficient answers to every request. The team is constantly kept up-to-date to improve and widen its activities and services. IMIP S.r.l. is equipped with specific instruments and machinery and a department of technical human resources, a dedicated team specialized in fixing, transforming and modifying the industrial vehicles – the tankers – to transport fuels.

As far as the fixing is concerned, the company implements interventions to make the vehicles that transport liquid and inflammable fuels compliant with the law. It takes care of the assembling and monitoring process of the most modern machinery and avant-garde technologies.
For info about fixing LPG tankers in Palermo, please contact IMIP S.r.l. by sending an email to, or filling out the form in the contacts page.
If you wish to make a phone call: +39 0917722463/ mob. +39 3295610424.