Fuel, LPG and methane filling station maintenance services

Since 2011 IMIP S.r.l. has been offering professional and high quality maintenance services for fuel filling stations in Palermo.
The clients, who mightalso rely on the design, construction and maintenance services provided by the company, have a single contact point for everything concerning the filling stations.
The company deals with the installation and maintenance of the stations, therefore the costs are much lower and the saving higher, even if the services provided are still high quality and last in time. The client might decide to develop a new filling station and, over time, modify it with new fuels or renovate it in compliance with the new norms or according to the market demand.
The operational sector includes the maintenance of fuel, LPG and methane filling stations, a sector in which the company is highly specialized.

The technical-managing intervention areas include the maintenance service of electro-mechanic, electronic, telecommunication elements of the fuel station, according to various types:
• Road LPG Methane and fuel filling stations
• LPG and fuel deposits
• Tax-free LPG filling stations

The company has a large amount of machinery and tools and expert technicians all over Italy, who intervene in a quick and professional way.
The company providing maintenance services in Palermo – IMIP, has always been very responsive to the market innovations. The technical staff is trained and kept up-to-date thanks to training courses held by the most important companies in the industry.
IMIP has a storehouse with the spare parts of the leading companies in the sector (Gilbarco Veeder-Root, Maser, Fornovogas, Tokheim, Sampietc) but also with electro-mechanical and electronic labs, which are indispensable to run the tests, fix and revise the instruments. The presence of dedicated departments for the electro-mechanic operations is useful for fixing and inspecting the machines.
IMIP, in addition to the fuel station maintenance services in Palermo, provides support as official assistance centre of Gilbarco Veeder Root and Fornovogas.