Fuel, LPG, methane filling
stations and tanks

IMIP boasts a great experience in the construction of fuel filling stations in Palermo, where it has become a reference point in the sector for other areas as well. It deals with the operational part –from the design to the construction of fuel, LPG and methane filling stations and civil works.
The technical staff is highly trained and very experienced, therefore the company is able to provide efficient and precise solutions to the designers, informing them about the variety of quality products available on the market. The advantage, for the client, the designer and the building site supervisor is that they have a single contact point for the whole company, who is present on the building site, therefore it is possible to avoid the interferences among the various companies and activities.

Maintenance and safety control

The maintenance service aims to be an efficient post-sales support service for the clients, to assist and be ready for them, for the periodic and extraordinary maintenance of the LPG, methane and fuel filling stations.
The assistance services include the cleaning and maintenance of the stations, the inspection and assembling, the cleaning and check of the tanks. All these services might be carried out for every pump and storage system. The company provides support also to renovate the stations and make them compliant to the new norms.

Fuel and tax-free LPG storage system construction

To build and maintain LPG storage systems in Palermo, you may ask IMIP S.r.l., whichwill follow every construction phase of your fuel and LPG storage system, in compliance with the current norms.
The LPG systems by IMIP represent the company’s excellent knowhow in building filling stations, since the staff is professional and uses quality material, designs excellent, eco-friendly products with excellent references.
IMIP S.r.l. invests all its potential in managing the construction of LPG storage systems, given its solid structure and qualified technical and logistic staff.
To have an idea about the most important projects, visit the gallery section.
IMIP S.r.l.’s services include:

• valid technical consultation to find the best solution for your needs
• a constant update during the design and building phase
• the guarantee of the final product, which is the result of the search for the best material on the Italian market
• a total control and monitoring of the process in compliance with the safety norms respected by its qualified staff
• a wide variety of highly technological and top quality services

What does LPG mean?

LPG is the acronym for “Liquefied petroleum gas”. It refers to the gaseous hydrocarbons at normal temperatures, which become liquid with low pressure and may be worked, stored or transported. Concerning vehicle fuels, LPG is the ideal solution for a range of advantages including: safety, saving money, performance, environmental-friendliness due to clean energy, a wide supply and filling station network.
The positive results of LPG for vehicles is due to its intrinsic chemical and physical features, which provide cars with excellent power performance, elasticity and engine performance, with a remarkable reduction of the polluting emissions.
The technological achievements in the sector enable drivers to obtain a high performance with LPG-fuelled vehicles, which are reliable and safe in every condition.
These features, together with the remarkable low prices and polluting emissions, have made LPG become an excellent ecologic alternative fuel used in more and more countries for vehicles.
The construction of LPG filling stations in Palermo, is made by IMIP S.r.l. with safe components, excellent and certified top quality products, ranging from the tanks to the bleeding mechanisms, including all the components to make the station work: safety valves, flux valves, check valves, all certified in compliance with the PED directive.
Every LPG filling station is designed and built to protect the workers’ safety and the environment.