IMIP S.r.l. Palermo

Design, construction and maintenance of filling stations

IMIP S.r.L. in Palermo was established in 2011 and aims to provide some services such as the design, fabrication and maintenance of fuel filling stations. It takes care of every phase, from the design to the final test.

The company from Palermo has important operational headquarters, with specific equipment and modern means of transportation. Furthermore, it has very sophisticated and specific technical-instrumental resources and approximately 20 specialized employees who aim to achievehigher objectives than the average of their direct competitors.
The 20 employees include Ernesto Palazzolo, a specialized welder with a specific certification for metal sheets and tubes in compliance with the EN ISO 9606 -1:2013 directive, released by the Italian Institute of Welding in Genoa. Furthermore, he is currently studying to obtain the PED-QS welder certification for welding processes at the Istituto Giordano.

The main features that distinguish the work and professionalism of IMIP S.r.l. are its reliability and efforts put into every activity and intervention. The quality is guaranteed by the use of avant-garde solutions and products, which are the key to obtain safe and functional stations.
To the professional competence guaranteed by the qualified staff, you may add a deep knowledge and experience of the relevant norms and laws. Therefore the company guarantees the highest quality standards required by the design, construction and maintenance phases of the stations, implemented with quality systems in compliance with the current norms.

The combination of these parameters results in a complete and exhaustive company profile. It identifies a company which is able to work in a professional and precise way, offering reliability and complete services aimed to achieve the best in the design and construction of fuel filling stations. The company builds skid LPG filling stations and LPG station with formwork. The skid model has already been implemented twice, and the projects are presented to the clients during the preliminary design phase. The services provided by IMIP include being the Assistance Centre for Western Sicily on behalf of the historic company of pumps and filling station Gilbarco Veeder-Root (ex Marconi Logitron).
IMIP S.r.l. in Palermo has received the quality certification ISO 9001-2008, being accredited by the Certification Authority RINA:

The offices open as follows:
From Monday to Friday from 7.30AM to 1PM, from 3PM to 5 PM.
On Saturday from 7.30AM to 12PM.