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Fuel and methane filling stations in Palermo

For fuel and methane filling stations in Palermo, your reference point will be IMIPS.r.l., a company established in 2011 which aims to provide the design, construction and maintenance of filling stations. It takes care of the whole process from the design to the final test. The staff is highly qualified and trained to assemble and install all the elements needed to make the designed filling station work perfectly. The projects are versatile and conceived to satisfy the needs of all clients, who have the chance to share their opinions during the design phase. The quality of the services is guaranteed by the use of avant-garde solutions and products, which aim to build safe and functional stations.

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Designing and building filling stations

The company IMIPS.r.l. has thenecessary specific equipment and modern transportation means in its operational headquarters and avails itself of top technical-instrumental resources. The staff is composed by 20 specialized employees who aim to achieve higher production results than the average, at competitive prices. The company builds SKID LPG filling stations and filling stations with formwork tanks.
IMIP S.r.l. checks the innovations on the market, for this reason its staff is constantly updated and attends many training courses held by the leading companies in the fuel, LPG and methane industry.
The professional skills of the staff are combined with a deep knowledge and experience of the norms. Therefore the highest quality standards required in the designing, building and maintenance phases are always guaranteed. Every phase is implemented with quality systems in compliance with the current norms.

About us
Filling station maintenance

Filling station maintenance

IMIP is specialized in the maintenance of the electro-mechanic, electronic elements and the telecommunication services for filling stations.

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Filling station construction

Filling station construction

The IMIP boasts a long experience in building stations, including civil works.

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LPG SKID tanks construction

Skid LPG

LPG SKID tank for sale designed and produced in compliance with
the PED directive.

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Projects of stations


Technical consultants, expert in designing filling station for roads and motorways, provide you with an “all-inclusive” formula.

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LPG tanker maintenance service

Fixing LPG

Support and maintenance services for LPG tankers in large areas with specialized technicians.

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Test support tankers

Test support for
T-PED tankers

We are equipped with a certified sample tank to help labs test the LPG tankers.

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LPG hose test

LPG hose

IMIP is equipped with the certified machinery and instruments to carry out the necessary periodic tests.

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Pressure test tanks

Tank pressure tests and cleaning

IMIP is equipped with suitable machinery and instruments to carry out pressure tests on fuel tanks.

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LPG tank cleaning

LPG tank

IMIP cleans the LPG tanks with suitable machinery certified for that purpose.

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IMIP S.r.l. offers valid and safe services and is the reference point in Palermo for designing fuel and methane filling stations. The main features of the company are its reliability and precision to carry out every activity with the adequate skills and avant-garde solutions and products, which enable it to build safe and functional stations.

The stations are built in compliance with the EU directive, commonly known as PED (no. 97/203/CE), and acknowledged in Italy by the Legislative Decree no. 93/2000, which sets out the standards for the design, fabrication and declaration of conformity forpressure equipment.
The services provided include the maintenance of the fuel stations, the construction of LPG stations, the construction and maintenance of LPG tanks, the design of petrol supply systems, the maintenance of LPG tankers, the assistance for T-PED tanker tests, the testing of LPG hoses, the pressure tests for tanks, the cleaning of LPG tanks.

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